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Marine Industrial Construction services the Northwest region


  1. September 2014 – Scappoose Bay Marina Dock Extensions

    MIC extended one dock at the Scappoose Bay Marine by fifty feet. Construction included driving three new pile, one for the dock extension and two elsewhere inside the facility, installation of new pile hoops and decking. The new dock was built to match the existing dock built 20+ years prior. The new dock was also […]

  2. July 2014 – City of Wilsonville – Emergency Outfall Repairs

    MIC was awarded a contract to perform emergency outfall repairs. Work consisted of providing derrick barge services to demo the existing in water portion of the outfall and patch and replace the damaged pipe with a similar kind of material. In addition to replacement of the pipe MIC installed stream bank erosion countermeasures. Work was […]

  3. November 2014 – Port of Portland – Gleason Boat Ramp Area Dredging

    Maintenance suction dredging of the area downstream of the M. James Gleason boat houses and ramp. Dredged material was placed/disposed of in water downstream of the work area. Work was performed with a 10 inch Toyo electric submersible dredge pump suspended off of a crane mounted derrick barge. Sediment was piped approximately 1,100 feet downstream […]

  4. March 2015 – Burbank Slip Dredging

    Dredging and upland disposal of  9,700 yards of sediment within the Burbank Slip (Burbank, Washington) that adjoins the Snake River.

  5. March 2015 – McNary Dam – Downstream Navlock Interim Repairs

    DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Perform structural and mechanical interim repairs on the McNary Navigation Lock Downstream Gate. The McNary Navigation Lock Downstream Gate is a two-leaf arched miter gate and measures 106 feet tall by 86 feet wide and was placed in service in 1954. Miter Gate Gudgeon Repairs — Procedures include line boring the perpendicular […]

  6. Port of Portland – Terminal Four Dredging

    Dredging and Disposal: Fall 2013, Port of Portland, OR – Project was maintenance dredging (6,000 c.y.) for several terminal docks including contaminated materials and sand cap placement.   The transport and disposal of all materials was included in the project (including RCLA approved Landfill). Total Project $763,802.  

  7. June 2014 – Clackamas County – CIA Pump Station

    Wet Well Rehabilitation Complete bypass of pump station Removal of all piping and appurtenances Surface prep of concrete including crack injection Provide complete corrosion resistant coating system to interior of 8 foot diameter concrete wet well Reinstallation of all new piping and appurtenances Electrical upgrades Miscellaneous items  

  8. May 2014 – NWP-USACE-Portable Floating Fish Collector Cougar Reservoir

    USACE-Portable Floating Fish Collector Cougar Reservoir, 2013. Customized system mobilization and placement for fish collector. This includes boat and crane work for placement of submerged anchors and underwater (diving) coordination. Total Project $217,523

  9. March 2014 – NWW-USACE McNary Dam Oregon Shore Lamprey Prototype

    McNary Oregon Shores Fishway, 2014, Fishway Lamprey pro-type entrance structure. Including fabrication and installation, of multi-piece aluminum structure, removal of stock log, dive coordination, repair on concrete sill and infill repair on smooth edge. Total Project $336,542.   Prototype lamprey passage structure installed at McNary Dam Columbia Basin Bulletin Saturday, March 1, 2014 Pacific lamprey […]